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Landline Telecom can provide WiFi improvements and upgrade your WiFi 

Good wireless internet connection around your home and business is now essential for many reasons
Homes are now full of devices that need a WiFi connection
The trouble is that many devices can be connected to your wireless router
(laptops, iPhones, Smart TV, Wii, Xbox etc)
This can have the effect of slowing internet connection down just when you need to watch that programme on iPlayer.
Smart TVs will work wirelessly but if they are some way from your router they can be prone to constant pausing and buffering
There are several solutions:-
I can supply a ‘wired access point’ taken directly from a spare point on your router.
You can then plug into an Ethernet  socket instead of relying on your wireless connection
I can also supply and install Mesh WiFi systems which reduce the need for extra cabling.
For business premises I can install WiFi access points in areas that need wireless access for stock control, WiFi calling on phones, card machines etc such as a warehouse or stock room
Your wireless range in your premises may not be as good as you would like it to be…..
Do you have WiFi dead spots in your home or business premises??? Wherever you place your router there may be one room that you can’t get a good signal – probably the one you want to use your laptop or tablet. This happens a lot in large houses, offices, barn conversions etc but can happen in any premises, whatever size. One solution is if you are using a desktop PC, this can be hardwired from the router but the router can be placed in another room allowing wireless range in another area. Alternatively, I can fit wireless access points in other rooms giving you wireless range over a much greater area.

Building to Building WiFi links for remote offices or outbuildings etc.
Garden Office WiFi
With a wireless bridge you can expand your network outside your building. You can add external offices to your company or extend your WiFi to a holiday cottage or garden office  for instance without any underground or overhead cables.
With everyone working from home at the moment, garden offices are becoming very popular and a good internet connection is always needed

 I can also install:

External WiFi aerials – To extend your WiFi to the garden / Farmyard / Warehouse yard etc

WiFi access points for pubs, hotels, cafes, holiday cottages etc

Guest WiFi portals – to direct users to your website for instance

WiFi networks for campsites etc

Set up guest networks to limit download usage

Secure guest networks to keep your information safe

Resolve WiFi dead spots in your premises

Multiple access points for larger areas

Yes – there are WiFi extenders available on the internet –
Yes – they seem fairly cheap and look like they will do the job…

No – they don’t very often work !!! –  Many of my customers buy these then call me after weeks of fruitless fiddling and having wasted a lot of money…


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