Broadband Speed Broadband Faults in Derbyshire and Staffordshire

The internet is a great thing isn’t it? A lot of us wonder how we ever managed to live without it …However, a lot of people are disappointed with the quality of their broadband service.
Sometimes it can be like waiting for paint to dry….

slow broadband_JPG

Some things that can affect your broadband speed and quality are:-

Your distance from the telephone exchange and the quality of wire used to supply your service. Also, how far you are from the nearest ‘green box’ and fibre broadband availability

The equipment you are using(PC / router etc) and if there are any viruses or spyware on your system.

The time of day – The speed of your internet connection can change a lot during the day

I have a lot of experience with broadband problems in Derbyshire and Staffordshire and a high success rate for improvements

Your wireless router settings- I can adjust your router for optimum performance

(Sometimes there are unseen appliances interfering with your signal and the router can be adjusted for this)

Try this link  at different times of the day on your PC or laptop.
This will test your connection speed (download and upload) and you will be able to see the maximum speeds you are able to achieve with your current setup.

The majority of broadband faults are caused by faulty or inadequate wiring at your home or business, or equipment connected to your line. If you have a BT (or other service provider) master socket with a removeable faceplate (pictured, or see newer version below) then you can remove the front plate and plug your router into the test socket. If your broadband speed increases then the problem is most likely due to your internal wiring and I can help you improve this.


NTE5 Master Phone Socket with split faceplate



NB: I have one of the latest Broadband Testers which can test standard broadband lines and also the new ‘fibre’ or ‘FTTC’ installations. This can provide a complete set of readings for your phone line and determine what your line is capable of and identify if there are any problems and what they are. This gives you more confidence when dealing with your service provider in a dispute.
I can often discuss your issues with your service provider to help resolve problems.


Unscrew the faceplate to see the test socket

The new NTE5C master sockets are easier to remove the front plate

The test socket is in the middle of the base plate once the front plate is removed

(you may have to get right down on the floor to find it!)



 Fibre to the Premises (FTTP)

When Openreach install your new superfast fibre connection, it is often not where you had your router before. Often they will only be able to install it in a certain location. This may not be in the best place for you or your WiFi or phone. I can provide an ethernet cable from the incoming fibre box to enable you to move your router to a better position. 


 If you think that your broadband could be better, then talk to me first.

Your internet service provider (ISP) will usually deny that there is a problem with their service and will tell you that to send one of their engineers out will cost you a lot of money if the fault is due to your wiring.
BT will tell you the same, quoting up to £130 just to come out to your premises.

I can do this for a lot less and if I find the problem is with your ISP and not your wiring then I can provide you with a report that you can send to them, or I can discuss the problem with them on your behalf saving you a lot of time and money.

Many of my customers contact me after many frustrating days of trying (and failing) to get an answer from their ISP

If you have broadband faults, need broadband repairs or improvements in Derbyshire or Staffordshire then give me a call to discuss what can be done or send a message through the ‘Contact Us’ page

4G Broadband Internet

If you are struggling to get a decent service through your telephone line but can get a decent mobile phone signal, there is always the option of having a 4G router installed. I can install an external aerial if necessary to connect to the router and all your WiFi will work the same as before but faster and more consistent

Give me a call for more details and I will talk you through the options

If your WiFi is causing you problems – have a look at my WiFi page

Telephone Nick on – 07860 838207 or freephone 0800 112 3802