Phone Sockets Installations and Repairs

Phone socket installations and repairs in Derbyshire and Staffordshire

Is your master phone socket in the hallway and you need it moving to behind the TV? Do you need all your other sockets disconnecting leaving just one master socket? do you have messy phone wiring inside or outside that needs tidying up? Have you been told by your provider that your internal phone wiring is causing your faulty broadband?

Landline Telecom can do the following and much more:-

♦   Repair your home or business phone line and sockets

♦   Move master phone sockets to a new position in a better place

♦   Upgrade your master socket to the newest version

♦   Move extension phone sockets

♦   Provide new extension phone sockets

♦   Move your fibre router to a new position

♦   Move and tidy up wiring inside or outside

Have you recently been upgraded to full fibre to the premises by BT or another provider, or have BT upgraded your connection leaving you with just one phone connected to the router? This is becoming more common now and will continue to happen more and more as BT prepare for the analogue telephone exchange ‘switch off’ in 2025.

I can re-connect all your existing telephone wiring so your phones will work again in the lounge, bedroom etc. 

Does your burglar alarm use an auto dialler or are you worried about being left without a phone line if the power goes off? Once you have been upgraded to full fibre or you you have BT Digital Voice etc.  your phone line and being able to make calls is dependent on the router being connected to power. You could be left without any means of connection in the event of a power cut. Not good if you have poor mobile phone coverage in your area!

I can install a backup power supply for your router (called a UPS). They do not take up a lot of space and will provide backup power for your router for a few hours if the power goes down. The cost is a lot less than you would expect…..

When Openreach install your new superfast fibre connection, it is often not where you had your router before. Often they will only be able to install it in a certain location. This may not be in the best place for you or your WiFi or phone. I can provide an ethernet cable from the incoming fibre box to enable you to move your router to a better position. 

If you’re in the Derbyshire or Staffordshire area please give me a call or send a message for more information

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